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Need a trim? Our grooming team is here for you and your pet. Our groomers have experience with all breeds of cats and dogs and your pet will not only get a trim, but plenty of TLC throughout their visit. Call us today so we can give them thier own “spa-like” experience!

Brandy K. – Professional Pet Groomer

Brandy started grooming at HRAH in May 2011. With her extensive grooming background and experience, we felt she would make a skilled addition to our team. Brandy has experience with all breeds of dogs and cats, temperaments and coats. She is also a Certified Provider of Red Cross Pet CPR and First Aid and currently is working towards her Master Pet Stylist Certification. Brandy grooms pets Tuesday through Saturday, including some evenings.

Brandy shares her time with Rufus, a 160lb Saint Bernard and 2 guinea pigs, Buffy & Zorro. Additionally, she also has 2 snakes, 2 bearded dragons, 3 Tokay geckos, 6 leopard geckos, 2 Russian tortoises AND a scorpion!

Brandy loves educating the public about dog and cat grooming needs, first aid for pets and reptile care and handling. In her spare time, she enjoys reading and this winter, she and Rufus plan to take up Snow Shoeing!

Gillian W.- Professional Pet Groomer

Gilly Wigley Photo Aug 2015
Gilly joined our team in June 2012 and brings her creative styling skills to our team! Gilly has a gentle touch with all of the pets in her care and this makes her an excellent groomer!

While studying to become a Pet Groomer, Gilly also took some coursework in veterinary technology which has been so helpful in her career with Hudson Road Animal Hospital. She is able to communicate concerns with clients and doctors when it comes to grooming.

Gilly spends her time with her Cairn Terrier, Mo Haux (Mo, for short) and hopes to someday get another rabbit. She has also considering a talking bird and even a chameleon! One of her favorite things to do is cuddle with Mo!

When she isn’t making client pets beautiful, Gilly enjoys playing the piano and ukelele, writing poetry, cooking, camping and making jewelry.

Gilly truly enjoys working at HRAH and the team cameraderie. Everyone loves and cares so much for the animals. Watching her clients react after grooming their pets is one of Gilly’s favorite things about being a pet stylist.